Women of Blessing

Women of Blessing, Miss Betteridge

Reaching back to 1930 we recount a forgotten story of Miss Betteridge who was responsible for running a busy Babies Home in India.

She recalls being advised by letter from the London Headquarters to limit baby admissions as finances were very tight;

 ‘That same week, before we had had time to consider our attitude to this letter, a baby girl was brought to us and I sent it away! Neither I nor my colleague had any peace of mind about my action. I had sent the baby where? To a place of ill fame most likely, and I – a Christian missionary whose work it was to help forward the Kingdom of God. We knelt down together that same evening and asked our Heavenly Father to forgive us if we had made a mistake even though obeying orders, and send the baby back to us. It came back the very next morning accompanied by a note…. (that said) “Please take the baby, for I fear for its life.” With gratitude and deep humility we received the little one.’
(from Shadows Fall Apart, JC Pollock).

This inspirational wāhine is one of our forebears in mission – someone who is a pou/marker for our Interservers today. She was humorously described by her Indian helpers as a “coconut, very rough on the outside, very sweet inside.” She was also described as a lover of God’s Word, a hard worker, short, energetic, a disciplinarian and someone who went to bed early!  We can picture how human she was – unassuming and humble in spirit, yet bold and rich in the things of God. 

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