Love and cake

Celebrations creates community and through these moments we can show Christ's love and care.

Interserve workers David and Elaine, Sam and Karen* are nurturing a faith community here in Aotearoa that helps to support and care for refugees and asylum seekers.

Through this work they are gaining a deeper understanding of our sisters and brothers who have experienced the hardship of not belonging, of fearing for the safety of loved ones in faraway places, of the daily difficulties in navigating everyday life without a strong support network or much English.

They give an account of one refugee sister and her recent celebration saying, “Sister A has been reunited with her two sons after 9 years’ separation – they have been together in NZ for a year now. When they came to our fellowship for the first time we were able to celebrate God’s goodness and love at their home by blowing candles on a cake.” 

* Names have been changed to protect identities 

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