ProfessionInformation Technology
Duration2+ years
Job ID1787

This project founded in 1999 is dedicated to serving people affected by disabilities throughout Southeast Asia through the free distribution of wheelchairs and other mobility aids custom fitted to each users needs and environment. The project accomplishes this through working with partners both locally and around the world.To date the project has provided aid to tens of thousands of patients and continues to expand its services to meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of individuals still in need.

As the assistant manager you will play a key part in the development improvement and maintenance of our data management systems and data flow. Our database is responsible for tracking wheelchair stock status location history patient information waiting lists equipment selection medical evaluations repairs and loaned equipment. We utilise barcodes to label wheelchairs and equipment enabling us to track their movement from acquisition to recipient. You will work closely with our sub-distribution partners ensuring they can effectively manage their inventory and provide recipient information.This position is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to eventually assume the role of Database Manager so we require a minimum commitment of three years. However shorter-term commitments focused on developing modules and features for the existing database are also welcomed.

Requirements are familiarity with data management structures and tools commitment of at least three years and a passion for serving disadvantaged individuals. Ideally you will have a creative and proactive approach to problem solving and strong interpersonal skills for successful feature rollouts.