ProfessionMedical / Health
Duration1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Elective
Job ID1783

This project is dedicated to serving people throughout Southeast Asia who are affected by disabilities through the free distribution of wheelchairs and other mobility aids which are custom fitted to each users needs and environment. The project accomplishes this through working with partners both locally and around the world.

Our team of volunteers and staff is a mix of young and old experienced and new with skill sets that range from welding and metalwork to sewing and upholstery to computers and 3D modelling. We capitalise on these differing backgrounds by encouraging workers to design and develop a project they would like to pursue during their time here. These projects range in scope from re-designed organisation of our work areas to custom-made butterfly harnesses. We welcome any number of other skills and ideas designed to improve either our service or our facility.

Volunteers of all kinds are needed including people with no experience or training.Occupational therapists and physical therapists would be highly valued. We are also seeking IT communications and management professionals.