Duration1-11 months
Job ID1088

The goal of this small grassroots community development organisation is to help people grow to their full potential through holistic transformation — educational social economic and spiritual. It runs a preschool and after-school learning-support activities with over 200 children in 7 villages and provides micro-credit activities and training support for the parents.

The local teachers love their job and teach with passion but they can still learn a lot of skills and teaching techniques which will help them be even better teachers. They are eager to learn from a well-trained teacher. The appointee will give teacher training both on the job and in small groups. As well s/he will give hands-on help to the team when they organise educational activities like camps outings or sports days. A practical placement for teacher training may be possible.

We need a qualified preschool or elementary school teacher who is eager to share their knowledge in a simple format. They should be open and flexible and keen for adventure. They should be physically fit — travel to the villages is on the back of a motorbike