Leave a Legacy

Once you have taken care of your loved ones, you may be thinking about the causes close to your heart and how you can help through leaving a gift in your will.

Thank you for considering Interserve as one of these causes, and for your desire to see lives transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ for generations to come!

How do I make a Will?

Writing a will isn’t necessarily something to leave for later. It can be done any time and the sooner the better. You may already have a local, trusted solicitor that can advise you on how to proceed. If not, you can search on the NZ Christian Lawyer’s Network website to find a Christian lawyer or Christian law firms.

There are also online companies that offer will-writing services, who are knowledgeable about how to include gifts in wills to charities.

It is always recommended that you seek professional advice; we are unable to offer this but would be happy to chat and will aim to point you in the right direction.

What should a Will include?

Making a Will involves carefully considering all who depend upon you, and how you are going to provide for their needs. 

Your Will should name an executor or executors. They are the people who will be responsible for seeing that your instructions are carried out as specified in your Will.

Your Will should provide for payment of your liabilities such as mortgages, overdrafts and debts – even your funeral expenses.

Your Will should make provision for your spouse and any dependents (as well as naming a guardian(s) for your children if they are still young).

Your Will may also include a Bequest, Gift, or Donation to be made to specific charitable organisations such as Interserve (NZ).

Whilst this outlines the main requirements of a Will, it should only be used as a guide Interserve (NZ) is not qualified to give legal or financial advice and we would strongly urge you to see a solicitor, or a trustee company when you finally decide to make your Will. They will be able to provide you with professional advice.

Wording for Will

If You Are About To Make Your Will…
and you would like to include a gift for Interserve (NZ) (CC#11027), the appropriate wording for inclusion in your Will is:

“I give free of all duties to Interserve (NZ). the sum of $ ________ * for the general purposes of the charity, and I declare that the receipt of the Accountant or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee(s) for such a gift.”

*Instead of naming a particular amount in dollar terms, you may wish to substitute a percentage or fraction of your estate, or leave the residue of your estate (after making provision for family and other concerns) to Interserve (NZ).

If You Already Have A Will…
and you would like it altered to include a gift for Interserve (NZ) (CC#11027), then you can add a ‘codicil’ to your Will. This is a separate statement but still part of your Will.
A ‘codicil’ would read much like this:

This codicil dated____________is an addition to the Will of me (name in full) of (place of residence). Other provisions contained in my Will are confirmed.
I give to Interserve (NZ) (CC#11027) the sum of $ ________ * for the general purposes of the charity.

*Or, as above, you may wish to state a percentage, a fraction or the residue of your estate.

Wills and codicils must be dated, signed and properly witnessed.